10.04.2013 Family Circle Stadium Charleston, SC

Artist Widespread Panic
Date 10.04.2013
Venue Family Circle Stadium
City Charleston, SC

Show Notes

Widespread Panic took the stage at the Family Circle Stadium in South Carolina for the first night of their two night run. After warming up with a killer set by openers Umphrey's McGee, the Charleston crowd was ready to rock and the stadium bleachers were packed with Spreadheads rising all the way up to the sky! The opening notes of "Ribs and Whiskey" brought on an uproar from the energetic fans and gave JB a chance to showcase a bluesy slide guitar riff. A spectacular jam through "Surprise Valley">"Blight">"Surprise Valley" came next as Jimmy Herring kicked off the sandwich with the instantly recognizable opening riff. During "Blight", Sunny and Todd had a chance to give the fans their first taste of drum section jam - a tease of the incredible percussive jamming that would fill the weekend. Later in the first set, JoJo danced his fingers along his piano while singing the fan-favorite track "Greta," a clever song about the Georgia-Georgia Tech rivalry.

Set two maintained the high energy of the night with classic Widespread Panic songs blended into covers masterfully adapted to fit the famous Panic sound. "Makes Sense To Me" and "Pigeons" were blended with stand out performances of Bill Withers' "Use Me" and JJ Cale's "Travelin' Light" and "Ride Me High". As "Travelin' Light" segued into "Rebirtha," Schools inspired cheers of recognition and joy with his iconic bass riff. The band played "Porch Song" with crowd lights on and every fan in the stadium had their arms in the air - havin' a good time! When the band returned for an encore of Cat Stevens' "Trouble," JB serenaded the crowd underneath a spotlight before playing a high energy “Climb To Safety”. The fans left exhilarated, looking forward to another incredible show by Widespread Panic the following night!

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Set 1 Buy

1 Ribs and Whiskey 8:20
2 Surprise Valley 4:21
3 Blight 10:42
4 Surprise Valley 4:36
5 Let's Get The Show On The Road 7:16
6 Postcard 4:30
7 Stop Breakin' Down Blues 5:23
8 Greta 8:42
9 Proving Ground 6:38

Set 2 Buy

10 Makes Sense To Me 5:28
11 Pigeons 8:10
12 Thought Sausage 5:13
13 Travelin' Light 6:29
14 Rebirtha 12:56
15 Ride Me High 11:16
16 Porch Song 3:14
17 Bust It Big 8:46
18 Conrad 9:28

Encore 1 Buy

19 Trouble 3:36
20 Climb To Safety 6:07
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