Rage. Riv. Repeat. - Best of the 3 Night Run

Artist Umphrey's McGee
Title Rage. Riv. Repeat. - Best of the 3 Night Run
Venue Riviera Theatre
City Chicago, IL

Show Notes

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Umphrey’s McGee and TourGigs proudly present Rage. Riv. Repeat., a two-disc compilation of the best of the three-night run in Chicago, IL from February 20-22, 2014. Chitown faithful packed The Riv each night in anticipation of the hometown throw-down, as the band prepared a blend of rarities and fan-favorites for the crowd.

The first disc is a mix between the first and second nights of the run. “Plunger” and “Much Obliged” featured intricate improv and the latter a vocal stew that revved the room to their feet. “Morning Song” was rendered beautifully with Brendan Bayliss on vocals, and Jake Cinninger led a clinic with his guitar craftsmanship on “The Floor” and “Syncopated Strangers.” Joel Cummins delivered note-for-note on "Kimble", and this "Comma Later" just might be the finest ever captured on film.

The second disc blends songs from nights two and three. Standout moments include Bayliss, Jake, and Stasik jamming in the Riv opera boxes during the opening track, "The Triple Wide."  “Hajimemashite” and “Glory” were melded together for the first time in seamless harmony. Bob Seger's classic hit "Night Moves" got the acoustic treatment and a super-sized performance of "Der Bluten Kat" featured the collaborative UM improv fans have come to know and love. Disc two also features a slew of tunes making their TourGigs video debut, such as "Thin Air," "Believe the Lie" and "Cherub Rock" featuring Jimmy Chamberlin of the Smashing Pumpkins. Another one for the books!

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Disc 1 Buy

1 A Mild Sedative 3:17
2 Plunger 15:42
3 Much Obliged 15:13
4 Kimble 5:01
5 Morning Song 8:38
6 The Floor 10:18
7 Slacker 11:42
8 Syncopated Strangers 9:18
9 Hurt Bird Bath 18:27
10 The Crooked One 12:30
11 Comma Later 11:16

Disc 2 Buy

12 The Triple Wide 11:15
13 Hajimemashite/Glory 9:22
14 Hangover 13:33
15 Thin Air 8:59
16 Red Tape 12:25
17 Bad Friday 7:18
18 Night Moves 4:28
19 Der Bluten Kat 27:11
20 Divisions 16:56
21 Believe The Lie 12:51
22 Cherub Rock 5:59
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