Artist Umphrey's McGee
Date 12.31.2013
Tour New Year's Eve 2013
Venue Fillmore Auditorium
City Denver, CO

Show Notes

Set one of New Year's Eve proper features a range of Umphrey's tunes: look for massive improv vehicle “Ocean Billy,” prog-monster "Wizard Burial Ground," and the debut of dance-anthem "Bad Friday," which featured the return of​ Mad Dog's Filthy Little Secret and Jeff Coffin​. The horns resurfaced ​and ​joined the band for much of set two, including a​ "40's Theme"​, "Booth Love," and the debut of the Phil Collins hit "Sussudio."

As the NYE run nears, the question always circles amongst fans, "What will the band play for the ball drop?" 2013's "Hurt Bird Bath" did not disappoint ​​as the energy mounted to a pinnacle at midnight​. K​eeping with tradition​, midnight brought a ​heartfelt but rocking rendition of "Auld Lang Syne," complete with confetti and ​fantastic balloon drop. Appropriately, “Hit It and Quit It” by Funakdelic was the first song played in 2014, all setting up for the grand finale encore, “Resolution​."​​ Another fantastic New Years Run​ is​ in the books!

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Umphrey's 2013 NYE Run Bundle

Set 1 Buy

1 Le Blitz 2:50
2 Phil's Farm 13:54
3 Ocean Billy 18:13
4 Mail Package 7:46
5 Wizard Burial Ground 9:39
6 Bad Friday 6:08

Set 2 Buy

7 40's Theme 10:38
8 13 Days 5:03
9 Twilight Zone 9:37
10 Pay The Snucka 9:49
11 Utopian Fir 14:53
12 Booth Love 11:56
13 No Diablo 6:08
14 Sussudio 4:50

Set 3 Buy

15 Hurt Bird Bath 14:18
16 Auld Lang Syne 3:25
17 Hit It and Quit It 7:13
18 Wappy Sprayberry 14:08
19 Miss Tinkle's Overture 12:29
20 Bridgeless 5:54
21 Things Can Only Get Better 6:02
22 Bridgeless 8:54

Encore 1 Buy

23 Resolution 4:05
24 Funky Stuff 8:34
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