Artist The String Cheese Incident
Date 12.31.2014
Tour New Year's Eve 2014
Venue 1STBANK Center
City Broomfield, CO

Show Notes

For the third consecutive year, The String Cheese Incident hosted a series of 'hometown throwdowns' at 1STBANK Center in Broomfield, Colorado. Right up the road from the band's HQ in Boulder, the Broomfield New Year's run has become a de-facto homecoming for the band, fans, and family. Last year's 2013-2014 run was filled with guests from the band's past to kick off the celebration of SCI's 20th year as a band, and the 2014-2015 run brought the 20th anniversary year to a close with a big, show-stopping 3-day party. A huge snowstorm blanketed the area for the weekend, and concert goers were able to warm up with some "Hot Cheese" inside the decked out venue.
For this year's video release, we've compiled highlights from the three-night run in a three disc package. Disc 1 contains highlights from the 12/29/14 Incident, including standards 'Round The Wheel', 'Shine', and 'It Is What It Is', as well as newer material: Kyle Hollingsworth's 'Colliding' and Michael Kang's 'Beautiful'. The bust-out of the night was Keith Moseley's 'Until The Music's Over' - a song from the band's 2005 Studio album 'One Step Closer' which had only been performed live once before, almost ten years prior.
From the opening moments of 'Best Feeling' on Disc 2 (12/30/14) you know the band was set to rock the house with a set of classic old-school Cheese including Billy Nershi's 'Restless Wind' and 'Texas', Moseley's 'Sometimes A River' and 'Joyful Sound' and Kyle's 'Close Your Eyes'. The band pulled out another bust-out on night two with ’45th of November', a song that keyboardist Kyle Hollingsworth co-wrote with Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter. That song also hadn't been performed live in years, and it was good to hear the band dig deep and dust off some rarities.
Disc 3 contains highlights from the band's 3-Set New Year's Eve extravaganza, an incredible journey from the opening 'Black Clouds' to the beautiful semi-acoustic 'Good Times Around The Bend' encore well into 2015. Along the way, the band packed in powerful originals such as Nershi's 'Smile' and 'Miss Brown's Teahouse' and Michael Kang's 'Desert Dawn' and 'Just One Story' as well as choice covers which have been part of the band's repertoire for years; The Talking Heads' 'This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)’, and Paul Simon's 'Late in the Evening'. Of course, no discussion of the New Year's Eve Incident would be complete without talking about "The SHEBANG", and the 2014-2015 version was spectacular, and over-the-top as has come to be expected. Lighting Director Andy Cass lit up the 1STBANK Center and helped the band bring in the New Year in a huge way - and when you watch the multi-camera HD video on this release, you'll know what we're talking about!

DISCLAIMER: Video licensing restrictions prevent us from releasing the complete performances from the three night run. We are confident, however, that you'll still enjoy this amazing three-disc 'best of' compilation.

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Night 1 Buy

1 Round The Wheel 17:10
2 Bumpin' Reel 12:19
3 Colliding 15:30
4 Until The Music's Over 11:35
5 It Is What It Is 12:40
6 You've Got The World 7:10
7 Looking Glass 7:39
8 Disco Ball Jam 13:52
9 Shine 15:33
10 Beautiful 8:22

Night 2 Buy

11 Best Feeling 22:05
12 Restless Wind 9:20
13 Betray The Dark 9:09
14 45th of November 8:04
15 Joyful Sound 9:17
16 Of Floydian Persuasion 7:46
17 Texas 16:03
18 Valley of the Jig 18:28
19 Sometimes A River 10:36
20 Close Your Eyes 7:24
21 Colorado Bluebird Sky 13:16
22 Little Hands 16:15

Night 3 Buy

23 Black Clouds 10:47
24 Smile 9:10
25 Let's Go Outside 7:19
26 Sweet Spot 9:11
27 Water 17:24
28 Can't Wait Another Day 8:40
29 Miss Brown's Teahouse 9:39
30 Desert Dawn 8:31
31 Jellyfish 15:48
32 Desert Dawn Reprise 2:16
33 Land's End 3:10
34 Big Graham Jam 5:45
35 Glory Chords 11:21
36 Celebration 5:40
37 Rosie 9:38
38 Late In The Evening 7:45
39 Rivertrance 13:26
40 This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) 9:10
41 Just One Story 13:29
42 BollyMunster 7:12
43 Good Times Around the Bend 4:23
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