Artist The String Cheese Incident
Date 12.31.2013
Tour New Year's Eve 2013
Venue 1st Bank Center
City Broomfield, CO

Show Notes

New Year's Eve 2013-2014 marked the culmination of The String Cheese Incident's 20th Anniversary celebration. The sold-out crowd at 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, CO was in high gear and ready for action with high spirits in anticipation of the night to come.
Following their opening set, The Del McCoury Band joined SCI to kick off the first set with bluegrass classics "Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms" and "Cold Rain and Snow." As Del's band left, Ronnie McCoury and Jason Carter remained, providing backup on mandolin and fiddle through jazz-fusion "Birdland." Michael Kang's "Give Me The Love" showcased the mandolin player on vocals and electric mando, and keyboardist’s Kyle Hollingsworth's "Way Back Home" followed with an extended jam. The set ended with "Valley of the Jig," a trance-infused Irish jig that had the crowd dancing and happily ready for the break before the two big sets that would follow.
The second set opened up with an uplifting version of the tropical sounding "Water." Kyle then took the lead with one of his newer tunes, "Colliding," complete with an electronic breakdown that allowed Lighting Designer Andy Carroll to wow the crowd with his awe-inspiring show. "Windy Mountain" featured guitarist Billy Nershi singing lead vocals on one of the band's most beautiful tunes, complete with an ethereal, uplifting jam. The second set ended with a well-placed "Desert Dawn," a fan favorite that captures the essence of The String Cheese Incident, and a song that never fails to exhilarate the fans.
The band returned for set three with ten minutes left in the year. When Bassist Keith Moseley began his recognizable riff, the crowd realized they were being treated to a "Rivertrance" New Year's Eve countdown. Twisting it up even further, the music morphed into a mash-up of both "Rivertrance" and "Glory Chords" and during this build up, there was a steady unveiling of aerialists, acrobats, stilt walkers, snow globe performers and more. By the ten second countdown, the arena erupted with pyrotechnics and balloons for Kang's double-time fiddle breakdown. Fans were embracing and rejoicing to usher in 2014. It was quite the spectacle, and words really can't do it justice, but this DVD video release will show you what we mean. Later in the set, Nershi's uplifting "Smile" paved way for a drum solo that showcased the versatility of drummer Michael Travis and percussionist Jason Hann, the heartbeat of The String Cheese Incident. The rest of the set featured stand out performances of "It Is What It Is," ending with a euphoric peak, a cover of the Talking Heads' "This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)" and the completion of "Sgt. Pepper’s" and "Just One Story" from the first night. The incredible weekend came to a close with the appropriate encore "Colorado Bluebird Sky," solidifying the 20th anniversary of The String Cheese Incident as an unforgettable weekend that blended nostalgia with high hopes for what the future holds for this incredible band!

*The 29th Acoustic Set is only available on the DVD and BluRay of the 29th*

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Set 1 Buy

1 Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms 5:13
2 Shenandoah Breakdown 3:34
3 Cold Rain And Snow 7:31
4 Birdland 6:57
5 Wheel Hoss 1:52
6 Flying Home Jam 2:14
7 Birdland 3:54
8 Give Me The Love 7:33
9 Way Back Home 13:05
10 Valley of the Jig 10:04

Set 2 Buy

11 Water 13:09
12 Colliding 8:38
13 Sirens 6:34
14 Windy Mountain 11:33
15 Stay Thru 7:50
16 Las Vegas 9:45
17 Desert Dawn 11:29

Set 3 Buy

18 Rivertrance 16:02
19 Let's Go Outside 7:10
20 Smile 10:25
21 Drums 7:15
22 It Is What It Is 12:15
23 This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) 8:39
24 Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) 1:08
25 2014 Jam 4:01
26 Just One Story 3:52

Encore Buy

27 Colorado Bluebird Sky 12:25
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