Artist The String Cheese Incident
Date 12.28.2013
Tour New Year's Eve 2013
Venue 1st Bank Center
City Broomfield, CO

Show Notes

The String Cheese Incident celebrated their 20th anniversary in their home state of Colorado with friends, family and fans sharing in on the festivities. The 1st Bank Center in Broomfield hosted the band for their second consecutive New Year’s Run. The band kicked off the weekend with Karl Denson and Chris Littlefield of the Tiny Universe Horns playing sax and trumpet on a cover of The Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band>A Little Help From My Friends” with bassist Keith Moseley singing to the audience that “it was 20 years ago today/ that Nershi taught the band to play.” This rare cover set the tone for what was to be an amazing weekend of music and celebration. “Just One Story > Little Hands” was a great blend of new and old Cheese with guitarist Michael Kang taking lead vocals. Later in the set, the Latin tune “Yo Sé” allowed keyboardist Kyle Hollingsworth to show his versatility before taking lead vocals on “Rain” next. The set ended with the return of the Tiny Universe Horns for “Black and White” which transitioned seamlessly into a cover of Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish” with Karl Denson singing lead vocals.
The second set opened with “Can’t Wait Another Day,” a Kyle tune from the new studio album. The fan favorite “Jellyfish” was next with guitarist Billy Nershi sharing his lyrics with the thousands of fans in attendance. A 17 minute "Rollover" with an extended jam brought the energy in the venue to a peak before Moseley took the lead for "Struggling Angel," another tune from A Song In My Head that was dedicated to the memory of the band's close personal friend. Looking Glass" was a highlight of this night, with a euphoric peaking jam featuring Michael Kang delivering a rapid-fire guitar solo before the band found a mysterious, middle eastern groove featuring Nershi on slide guitar. The set ended with "Dirk > Jungle Boogie > Dirk" with Denson and Littlefield. Lighting designer Andy Carroll had the spotlights pointed at disco balls and light was being scattered across the dance party below while the enthusiastic crowd sang along.
For the encore, Billy came out on stage alone for "Down a River." He then proceeded to explain to the audience that he met Kang, Travis and Keith to form the early stages of SCI before playing "Lester Had A Coconut" with Travis playing his two-handed drum/percussion technique like the Cheese of lore. Finally Kyle come out on stage with the band explaining how they solicited Kyle's help before leading in to "'Round The Wheel." Mid-way through the song, Kyle announced "and then there was Jason," prompting Hann to join the stage for a percussion solo, thus rounding out the current line-up of SCI. The three song encore was a fun linear narrative of the band's history that left the fans wondering what surprises were in store for the next 2 nights!

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Set 1 Buy

1 Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 3:20
2 A Little Help From My Friends 2:31
3 Just One Story 13:18
4 Little Hands 14:43
5 Dudley's Kitchen 3:16
6 Yo Sé 7:42
7 Rain 10:25
8 Black And White 9:57
9 I Wish 6:15

Set 2 Buy

10 Can't Wait Another Day 9:34
11 Jellyfish 7:01
12 Highway 36 Jam 5:43
13 Rollover 16:56
14 Struggling Angel 8:28
15 Looking Glass 17:46
16 Dirk 5:00
17 Jungle Boogie 5:21
18 Dirk 1:30

Encore Buy

19 Down A River 5:43
20 Lester Had A Coconut 5:22
21 'Round The Wheel 12:14
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