Artist The String Cheese Incident
Date 07.04.2013
Venue The Backyard
City Austin, TX

Show Notes

From the first notes of "Lonesome Fiddle Blues", you knew that The String Cheese Incident's first show in Austin, Texas in seven years was going to be a hot one. Following the extended jamming of the opening song, the band eased into "Texas Town", a Billy Nershi tune that was the perfect choice for the weekend at The Backyard. The Cheese-classic "Little Hands" followed next, but somewhere along the way to oft-coupled "Dudley's Kitchen", the band took a sharp turn and, with bass player Keith Moseley on vocals, dove head first into the Grateful Dead classic, "U.S. Blues", a first-time-played cover tune for SCI, and a fitting tribute for the 4th of July Incident. Michael Kang's "Water" followed next, with another extended jam, which led into the set closing "Johnny Cash".

The sun, and the day's heat, fell during the set break, and set two allowed the band's light show to really come alive. The second set opened with "BollyMunster" and "Song In My Head" - two newer tunes that the band has been playing for a couple of years. Keyboardist Kyle Hollingsworth's "Eye Know Why" followed next, a song which the band debuted at the old Backyard back in 2004. Moseley's "Résumé Man" slowed the pace with the hilarious true-story tale of the band's early years on the road. Nershi's "Born On The Wrong Planet" was up next, complete with several long funky jams, and then Land's End and it's associated jams took the crowd on a journey they would not forget. The SCI classic, "Jellyfish", followed next, and then the band closed the show with "Whiskey Before Breakfast" which brought the crowd back from the electric edge to the band's bluegrass roots. Closing out the night was another new Hollingsworth tune, "Rosie", and it's heavy funk beat had the crowd dancing to the show's end, and ready for two more nights.

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1 Lonesome Fiddle Blues 13:40
2 Texas Town 5:25
3 Little Hands 11:47
4 U.S. Blues 11:12
5 Dudley's Kitchen 4:42
6 Let's Go Outside 6:47
7 Water 12:58
8 Johnny Cash 8:19

Set 2 Buy

9 BollyMunster 6:59
10 Song In My Head 7:50
11 Eye Know Why 12:58
12 Résumé Man 6:35
13 Born On The Wrong Planet 15:01
14 Land's End 4:05
15 Big Backyard Jam 8:32
16 Glory Chords 6:47
17 Jellyfish 9:55
18 Whiskey Before Breakfast 6:55

Encore 1 Buy

19 Rosie 9:46
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