Feb 6 & 7, 2015 The Ogden Theatre Denver, CO

Artist moe.
Date Feb 6 & 7, 2015
Venue The Ogden Theatre
City Denver, CO

Show Notes

February 6th and 7th, 2015 saw jam-improv-rock band moe. visiting the Mile High City of Denver, CO with a pair of shows aimed squarely at the faithful. While not exactly in church, the band approached their sets with a mix of reverence and abandon usually reserved for sacred gatherings. Those in attendance at the Ogden Theatre would recognize this as the secular throw down for which moe. has become widely known. This "best of" collection from the weekend starts off with the two-part composition of Al Schnier's "Downward Facing Dog", combining open-tuned guitar jangle with slide guitar, later transitioning into psychedelic stomp. Bassist/vocalist Rob Derhak's "The Pit" continues the Lysergic theme, also featuring multiple compositional elements. "Crab Eyes" features heavy ensemble playing, blending rock guitar with the fleet mallet work of percussionist Jim Loughlin. Jim's added texture is a strongly defining part of the moe. sound, as is the inclusion of all three primary vocalists ( Schnier, Derhak and guitarist Chuck Garvey ) - each taking a verse and all three singing harmony on choruses. This segues musically into the second line flavor of Derhak's "Stranger Than Fiction". "Bearsong" continues the set with heavy riffing and a signature guitar solo from Schnier. "Mar De Ma" changes gears with a Latin feel that showcases Loughlin's percussion chops alongside those of the song's composer, drummer Vinnie Amico. Fan favorites "Meat" and "Recreational Chemistry" close out night one with raging solos and epic interplay that is characteristic of the band. Night two begins with the delicacy of "Jazz Wank", leading to "Buster", which culminates in a guitar solo by Garvey. Derhak's "Deep This Time" brings some Stonesy honk, followed by the Delta-Gypsy of Garvey's "Shoot First". "Silver Sun" features extended jamming in the intro and outro sections, book ending Schnier's lyric core. The next four songs segue one into the next, running the stylistic gamut. Big World > Ricky Martin > Down Boy > McBain touches on Hypnotic, Latin, quirky, down home and rocking.... Ultimately ending with the fusionesqe paean to the fictional blockbuster movie hero that is "McBain". Finishing off this collection is the massive rock-country-bluegrass of "32 Things", that also features the driving, rhythmic slap bass lines of Derhak. It is exactly this savory stew of disparate elements that make moe. unique in their sound. From song to song and even night to night, the combinations and reconfigurations of these ingredients are continually fresh.

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1 Downward Facing Dog
2 The Pit
3 Crab Eyes
4 Stranger Than Fiction
5 Bear Song
6 Mardema
7 Meat
8 Alnouncements
9 Recreational Chemistry

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10 Jazz Wank
11 Buster
12 Deep This Time
13 Shoot First
14 Silver Sun
15 Big World
16 Ricky Marten
17 Down Boy
18 McBain
19 32 Things
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