02.21.2012 Saxon Pub Austin, TX

Date 02.21.2012
Venue Saxon Pub
City Austin, TX

Show Notes

Alpha Rev took to the stage at midnight every Tuesday at the Saxon Pub for the month of February to try out some new singles from their latest EP “City Farm: Roots.” While Alpha Rev has seen much success with hits like 'New Morning', their latest stuff (tracks are) is hands down some of the best music around today (best live music we've shot to date). 'Lonely Man' is arguably (one of) our favorite but between 'I Will Come'. (,) 'Stop Tryin' and 'Black Sky', it's really too tough to call. To watch them perform in an intimate setting like The Saxon Pub is special. TourGigs filmed the band for two of their midnight sessions in February. This was the second show filmed and is accompanied with a great multi-track mix from Saxon's resident sound engineer, Richard.

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1 Stand Around 6:01
2 Face Down 3:34
3 Crystal Colorado 3:29
4 Eden Home 5:22
5 Stop Tryin' 5:08
6 I Will Come
7 Lonely Man
8 Black Sky 5:53
9 Welcome Home 7:04
10 Take My Hand 3:42
11 New Morning 4:08
12 Phoenix Burn 5:08
13 Alone With You 4:03
14 Colder Months 5:19
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