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Artist Jam Cruise
Title Jam Cruise 12
Venue MSC Divina
City Miami, Jamaica,, Bahammas

Show Notes

This is for PRE-SALE ONLY.  Spring release date will be announced.

Whats better than reliving Jam Cruise in HD? How about helping a great cause at the same time! We are happy to announce our partnership with TourGigs to release a Jam Cruise 12 compilation on DVD, BluRay and download of many of the highlights of the event. All of Jam Cruise 12 and Artist proceeds from the sale of the film will be donated to Positive Legacy.

TourGigs will be on board to produce this film. They will record shows on the Pool Deck stage with 8+ cameras in 1080p HD video. For the film, songs from almost every set on the Pool Deck will be selected, edited and synced with mastered audio.

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